PEP Talks


The purpose of our PEP (Public Education Program) is to help you handle the confusions of everyone’s advice and advertising regarding your health. These talks have been happening biweekly for over a decade! They are always free, informative, interactive, and we give a free introductory health check up and consult with the doctor at the end of the talk. The talks are free, held on Tuesday eves at 6:30 pm, are an hour long, and just plain fun, Learn stable health information, introduce friends and family to our office and share knowledge.  

See Calendar Below. Call: (907) 743-3040 to RSVP.

PEP Talk for the month:


Discover the 2 hidden Dangers in your food causing uncontrolled weight gain & chronic fatigue!

Sample Event Title at 7pm
Wednesday, December 15th 2021
240 E Tudor Rd, Suite 110
Anchorage, AK

Please call (907) 743-3040 to RSVP