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With so many experts, health care centers and opinions out there, it can be very confusing. For 35 years, I’ve listened to countless individuals, just like you, new clients entering my office with the simple goal of finding out what is the root cause of their problem and getting a natural drug free solution. People just like you who’ve received a big name diagnosis and labels that only describe the symptoms but fail to handle reason for the problem.

So I invite you to give us a call and let’s take a different look!


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Dr. Greg grew up a Midwest boy learning to fish and hunt in the woods of Minnesota. He fell in love with the outdoors at a young age and it never left him. He then headed for the University of Missouri to study Forestry, which took him to Alaska in 1976 to finish up at the University of Alaska.  

Before Chiropractic, Dr. Greg worked for the Bureau of Land Management and later the Alaska Dept. of Natural Resources as a Wild land Heli-tack Firefighter and technician for Water Management. Dr. Greg now enjoys flying the Alaska Bush, fishing the deep waters of Prince William Sound, hiking, biking, you know--all those Alaska things!

While trying to live a healthy lifestyle I started developing health problems that began with severe low back pain that wasn't getting helped with wonderful Chiropractic, Therapies and other pain relief methods. On top of that were severe daily migraines, and my left leg swelled up twice as big as the right. I was miserable and this went on for months. 

I met Dr. Freddie Ulan at an event that changed my life. I was evaluated with Nutrition Response Testing® and found that my back pain was from eating an inflammatory food, that my headaches were from aluminum toxicity and my kidney had a parasite causing the leg swelling. I got on a Nutrition program and my problems went away. As a result I couldn't wait to learn Nutrition Response Testing® and am now one of the most trained practitioners in the world and operate the Alaska Heath Improvement Center bringing that same relief to those who are willing to follow our recommendations.  

OUr team

‘Dr. Greg’ received his Master Clinician in Nutrition Response Testing Certificate in 2008, his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1991 and his Bachelor of Science from the University of Alaska in 1986. He continues to log hundreds of hours in Nutritional training and is the owner and director of the Alaska Health Improvement Center. 


As our Patient Advocate, Danielle has worked side by side with Dr. Sternquist for more than 15 years. She is trained in Nutrition Response Testing, Nutrition Guidance and Emotional Clearing. Her sound decision making, strong intuition and attentive nature make her an integral part of the team. She is here to assist you in your health journey.


Tamara has been working with our office team for over 2 years. As Patient Coordinator, she manages the workload of our care team while motivating those in the program. Her excellent communication skills, passion, and empathy for people, allows her to build trusting relationships with our patients making their visits stress free.


Our newest team member is a master of handling puzzles and will ensure that your visit is youthful and fun. Why use ALEXA when we have ALEX instead!