The first thing is questionnaires that allows us to get to the bottom of your condition as well as allow us to know what to expect from you and allow you to know what we want as well. Most people fill this out within a half hour. Our front desk TEAM will help you with this.

Step 1:

A basic physical exam by the Patient Advocate to give the doctor the basics of your body health. This will include an evaluation of you Autonomic (self-governing/healing) Nerve System, adrenal glands condition, tissue calcium, oral pH, and a couple more!

Step 2:

A one on one detailed consult with the Doctor. He will listen and learn. The goal of this action is to really dig deep into your health experience and problems.

Step 3:

A Nutrition Response Testing or Chiropractic exam based on the care you are seeking. We check the reflexes, the stressors, the find the “thing” that is behind your condition. Just wait until you do this!!! The goal is ANSWERS!

Step 4:

In order for the doctor to have time to study the results and all the data you gave him he needs a little time and is usually ready for you by the next day. So the TEAM will check you out for the day, give you some vital reading material to better understand your upcoming Report of Findings. You can go home and relax knowing we got you covered!!

Step 5:

You return for your Confidential Report of Findings. The Doctor will review your case with you, go over what he found, give you a plan and recommendations. You will know what’s causing your condition, how we can help, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Relief now is at hand.

Step 6:

As you know, health is not a one- time visit to your doctor but a team effort to get your vibrancy back over time. Because we are with you all the way your follow up visits maybe anything from daily to monthly or even longer based on your special situation to ensure success.

These follow ups include assessing the improvement rate of your body, identifying what may continually be inflaming your body, what has improved, what hasn’t and any changes necessary to fix it. Each program is a little different.  

Our goal is to add you, your family and friends to the long list of successes and patient wins at our office.

Follow Up Visits